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Name: Ardyn
Full name: Ardyn Izunia/Lucis Caelum
Gender: male
Age: 4

Lifestyle: solitair
Pack: none
Former Pack(s): The Lucii (Insomnia), the Daemons (no specific location), the Imperials (Niflheim)
Former rank(s): Alfa(Lucii), member(all), prisoner(Daemons), chancellor(Type of bèta with the Imperials)


Build: average, slim
Scars: Nothing really outstanding
Eyecolor: amber
Color Fur: brown

Ardyn is a wolf shrouded in mystery. He is both polite and flamboyant. Ardyn is bold and manipulative; he remains civil, patronizingly so, even in the face of hostility, and perhaps even to attract hostility. Ardyn's behavior is performative, and his expressions and movements are exaggerated.
This greatly contrasts his personality from the past. Back then, he was a kind and caring wolf, trying to protect his people from becoming that which he was turned into.

Ardyn, unlike others, had a great past. He had loving parents, a kind pack around him to protect him. He had no siblings, they died at birth.
When he was around two and a half years old, his father died. After a period of mourning, the young wolf took over his father's place as alpha of their pack. He was a quite strong wolf, and was the leader of the small group that fought off the Daemons whenever they came. Under his rule, it was rare anyone got kidnapped. But his rule did not last long. Eventually, his jealous cousin, at night, pulled Ardyn to their enemy. There he was tortured, until his personality made a switch. When he left them, he went for the imperials. He became the beta, the chancellor of Niflheim.

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"It occured to me that I never formally introduced myself. Izunia. Ardyn Izunia."
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