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General Information
Name: Syren [Sai'ren]
Nickname: Sy
Gender: Female ♀
Age: 2 Years, 6 Moons
Birthday: 2 february
Breed: Timberwolf
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Fur: Black, brown, grey 'nd white
Eyes: Green
Alliance: Neutral

Loyal; she will die to save a friend
Stubborn; Syren never gives in easily and will stand her ground for as long as possible
Reckless; she is a little reckless and often gets herself in difficult situations
Clever; when she has a problem, she will probably come up with a good solution
Mischievous; she is still young and likes to make fun of other wolves
Sarcastic; yeah, her favourite thing to do
Sly; don't ever make an agreement with her, she will use it against you
Suspicious; her sisters tried to kill her, she won't trust you easily
[Work in Progress: Things will be added during the RP]

Syren is born in a small pack in the northern wilderness. She was the last pup of her litter. With three older siblings, two sisters and a brother, she had to fight in order to survive. Her sisters called her a runt and tried kill her. They were jealous of her since she was their mothers favourite pup. Her brother saw what was happening and helped her stand up for herself. Because of him, she made it through her first year.
But all good comes to an end. Her father was the Alpha of the pack. He was already old, but he was a good ruler. Sadly, a younger male tried taking over and killed him and her mother. The male was afraid that the pups of the former Alpha would take revenge for their parent's death, so he killed them as well. Only Syren and her brother survived. They managed to escape and ran away. For a long time, they roamed through the valley but decided to leave it after a while. One day, her brother left but he never came back. Syren waited for him, but realised he would not return. She learned to live with the fact that no one lasted forever. The young she-wolf left and eventually ended up in Serigala.

When she arrived there, she found herself in a battle between the newcomers and the original inhabitants. Tension ran high, but before it came to a clash, the wolves of Serigala accepted the newbies.
Months later, she met with an albino named Amatariseu. She grew really fond of her, and when the white wolf started a pack, Syren decided to join the club. By doing so, she gained herself a new family.

Likes & Dislikes
+ Snow
+ Hunting & tracking prey
+ Being among friends
+ Winter & Spring
+ Moonlight

- Rain
- Fall
- Frogs
- Humans
- Arrogance

Strengths and weaknesses
Her loyalness to her friends might get her killed. She will do everything for a good friend to make sure he or she stays alive. Even if it ment that it would cost her own live. Take down her friends and you will take down Syren.
[Work in Progress]

'We shine until we fade, but don't stop burning'
'It's better to burn than to fade away'
'Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die'
'I love the things you hate about yourself'
'Dedication takes a lifetime, Dreams only last for a night'

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