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// General \\
Name:: Rowan.
Nickname(s):: /
Born Season:: Autumn.
Age:: 4 Years.
Sex:: Male.

// Familly \\
Father:: Rafe.
Mother:: Camille†.
Sister(s):: Resa (Not from the same litter, she is two years older).
Brother()s:: Raeden, Roland† (Older, same litter as Resa) Reece, Reed†, Riley† &nd Ryker (Same litter).

Partner:: x
Ex:: x
Crush:: x
Pup(s):: x
Foster:: x

// Looks \\
Race:: Timber Wolf.
Build:: A massive body, with well-formed muscles. He has also a towering height. (Much larger and broader than the averagewolves).
Fur:: A pure wite coat, The length depends on the season.
Nose&ndClaws:: Black.
Eyes:: Grey. The shade depends on the surroundings.

// Skills \\
*Fighthing:: ••••○
*Hunting:: •••○○
*Condition:: •••○○
*Speed:: ••○○○
*Dodge:: ••○○○
*Trace:: ••••○
*Initiative:: •••••
*Teamplayer(Pack):: •••○○

// Character \\
*womanizer shewolfizer
*...You will have to find out by yourself..

// History \\

(In progress)

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