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Name: Nevada
Gender: Female
Breed: Eastern timber wolf
Age: 3 years
Coat: Average length and fairly straight
Coat color: Autumn brown with hints of black and grey.
Height: Average and lean
Weight: A bit on the thin side
Eye color: Forest green
Reference: N/A

Nevada, at first glance, seems like a spoiled brat. And to a certain degree, she is. She's used to getting her way. She's petulant, impulsive, and often throws temper tantrums. She herself mentions that she had already been extremely stubborn. She's also cheeky. She likes playing with people, getting on their nerves. Most of the time, she seems to treat like a game. Delights in torturing people, in getting them to do what she wants. To do things just because she can.

On the other hand, for as much of a petulant child as she can be sometimes, she is extremely loyal to those she cares about most. But that love, that loyalty, it blinds her. It consumes her. She doesn't do anything half assedly. Anything she feels she feels with great intensity. Love, anger, betrayal. Everything is an intense experience for her, whether she'd like it or not. She doesn't know how to take things slowly. She just throws herself into things with almost reckless abandon. This especially applies to her anger. When angry, she almost loses control of herself, often acting out of spite or jealousy in order to make other people suffer as much as she has. If she's angry, there's a good chance that nobody around here is all too happy either. She tends to make sure of it. And if she feels she has been wronged, she will let nothing stop her from evening the score.

Nevada is also known for her astute perception skills. She tends to see her right through people's lies and ulterior motives. Another talent of hers is that she's good at reading people, and not easily tricked. Though her deep rooted desired to be loved and accepted can cloud her judgment sometimes.

She’s been described as ‘the girl who loves too easily’, ‘just a girl who loves blindly and recklessly even if it consumes her’ and a ‘hopeless fool’. All of these apply to her in some form or another; she is desperate for love and affection. All she wants really is to be loved; it’s that simple. And because of that, she usually ends up hurt. She never learns, not really. But she’d rather that then the alternative. She’d rather love too much than not at all. All she’s ever really wanted is to love and live life on her own terms.

Will be added soon..

Will be added soon..

Her family is not well known to her since she was raised by many. Where she was born, is and always will be a mystery to her, just as how she got to Serigala as a pup. The only thing she remembers from being a pup, is the warm weather and the bright outdoors outside of her forever changing dens. As a pup, she was never left alone for too long, but also never stayed in the same den with the same pups for too long. So naturally, over time, she learned to wander on her own, becoming a loner, only staying in a pack for a few days to weeks at a time, but never settling down.

When she was roughly a year old, the creature received her first and only scar. The one that rests upon her left shoulder after fighting with a pack before becoming a loner the first time in her life. For a while there, she enjoyed being a loner, until something in her stirred, making her want companionship of a pack. That is when she decided to try to rejoin a pack, but packs for her only lasted so long. They found her too settle for their likings, so they would kick her from the pack, leaving her as a constant loner. For six months, she went from pack to pack, only staying in one for a short time. The last six months that she has ventured around Serigala, she has spent it on her own. A loner, steering from packs and other wolves, returning to her life as a loner.

In the times she was a part of the pack, she realized that many of the Alpha's were harsh, others were too soft, allowing their beta’s to run. There was no in between. Everything she would suggest or try to do, she had to step back away to give them way. She was always the omega. There was no doubt about it. It was like that in every pack. She never was given the real chance to show that just maybe, she was able to help provide and care for the pack. Instead, she stuck around the dens, safe away from the others.

Since she had left her last pack at 2,5 years of age, she has spent most of her time enjoying the silence, but not enjoying time spent by herself. She has watched many wolves pass her, but not once has she thought of going up to them on her own accord. Especially if she had known that they were a part of a pack. The loners she ever came across, she wandered only a little closer, but still didn't mess with them. She wasn't sure if she could be taken to the ground again.

The creature though, would never admit that it was hard being a loner most of her life, switching dens as a pup, packs as she got older. She had learned a lot in the three years of her life from the wolves she got to know as she traveled Serigala. From north to south, east to west. Along the way though, she got to be able to meet some of the different wolves, though she knew she would never really meet them again for some unknown reason.

Parents: Delilah x SomeJerk (has never met her biological parents)
Siblings: [Half] Nayuki, Malisa, Zoë and Sonar
Offspring: None
Friends: None
Knows: None
Relationship: None
Loved: None
Animals/pets: None

“If you do not shut your mouth, the next thing to come out of it will be your teeth.”

“The first rule of truly living is to do the thing you’re most afraid of.”

“Most girls have the unfortunate tendency of being whiny, little twits.”


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